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Lodge Ballater Glasgow No. 1432

P.M. Bro. James Thyne, P.M. James Hall, P.M. Bro. Gordon Carruthers and P.M. Bro. Stuart Lauder visited our French Brethren in 2018 for their annual Installation. As we had a few days to spare, our French Brethren showed us some of the sites.

Thursday we went to Nimes


Jean Luc


It rained a wee bit

We Walked round the “Maison Darree”

The Roman Arena in Nimes Which is still in use for Bull Fighting

Lunch in the “Cheval Blanc” (The White Horse)

After lunch we went to the Pont du Gard

Thursday night left to our own devices we found an Irish Pub

Our Waitresses

Toilets in the pubs and this is a posh one

Friday morning again left to our own devices we had a look around Ales

Outside the hotel

And back in the Irish Pub for lunch

The Temple





The New W.M. and his top table

Saturday we visited Aigues Mortes and The Gran du Roi

Preparing to chase the bulls through the streets

Saturday night we were invited to Rodrigue Toledo’s (I.P.M.’S) house in Mons just out side Alės for paella and  drinks

Rodrigue Toledo’s (I.P.M.)