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Lodge Ballater Glasgow No. 1432

The Thistle Lodge of Glasgow No. 87                   

At a regular meeting on Tuesday 20th August 2019 The R.W.M. asked P.M. Bro. James Thyne to attend to his duties. P.M. Bro. James Thyne asked the R.W.M. Bro. Graham Robison to join him

at the edge of the carpet. P.M. Bro. James Thyne explained that 40 years ago his Brother-in-Law P.M. Bro. David Bolling joined Freemasonry to his disappointment he did not join Lodge Ballater but instead Joined Lodge Thistle 87. This started a friendship between both Lodges of 40 years

and it is continued today. P.M. Bro. James Thyne presented R.W.M. Bro. Graham Robison with

a presentational slate with both Lodge crests and 40 years friendship.