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Lodge Ballater Glasgow No. 1432 SYLLABUS 2020

Tue 21st January         Lodge Eastmuir No. 1126                                                         E.A. Confirmed

Tue 18th February      The Thistle Lodge of Glasgow No. 87                                      E.A. Confirmed

Tue 17th March                            P.G.L. Visitation  

Tue 21st April             Lodge Scotia No.178                                                                 F.C. Confirmed

Tue 19th May             Lodge Thorntree No. 512                                                          F.C. Confirmed

              June                            Recess                         

              July                            Recess

Tue 18th August         Lodge St. George No.333                                                          M.M. Confirmed

Tue 15th September   Lodge Milncroft 1515                                                                M.M. Confirmed

Tue 20th October                                 A.G.M.

Sat  Pos 21st November                        Installation Ceremony                                    to be Confirmed    

Tue 15th December                           Business Meeting                                                         Confirmed


                                                                                                               Conferring       Conferring Master

Thu 30th Jan       Lodge Eastmuir No. 1126                                               F.C.             To be confirmed

Fri 14th Feb        Lodge Glasgow at Glasgow No. 441                             F.C.             To be confirmed

Fri 15th May       Lodge Thorntree No. 512                                               M.M.           P.M. J Hall

Mon 5th Oct        Lodge Milncroft No. 1515                                             E.A.            To be confirmed